The presentation time in Foundations is one of the best parts of CC! Learning to speak well in front of a group is a skill kids will use their whole lives. Preparing presentation outlines also makes the process of learning to write much easier, because the skills of outlining and researching are the same whether you are giving an oral presentation or writing down the information in a paper. Younger children may begin by doing presentations that are more show-and-tell oriented, and then as they become comfortable, encourage them to choose a topic to present about. The older children get, the more academic their presentations should become in general. (See the bottom of this page for topic ideas!)

Presentation prep can easily fall the bottom of the pile of schoolwork during the week, and suddenly you find yourself scrambling for a presentation on the night before we meet! Below is a suggested presentation preparation schedule to help train your children not to procrastinate:

Thursday – decide on presentation topic and begin research and general outline
Friday – Finalize outline and begin to fill in details
Monday – Complete presentation and begin practice
Tuesday – Practice

For younger children, especially those who may not yet be able to read, here is a technique for outlining a presentation. Take an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and fold in half lengthwise, then fold in thirds to create six sections on the paper. The result will look something like the image below. Kids can draw pictures to remind them of what they wanted to say in their presentation, and as they get older, begin to write in the squares, and use this paper to talk from during class.



Presentation Checklist – if you’d like to give your kids some general topic guidance, and help them to have some variety in their presentations, use this checklist. It has 12 presentations, so you can use 1 checklist per semester. Click here to open checklist.

Presentation Topic Ideas:

Show or tell how to make something
Tell about a family vacation
Event from timeline
Historical topic
Favorite book
Favorite toy
Geography – Country – People Group
Persuasive Topic (for example, “Why Everyone Should Exercise”, or, “Too Much Screen Time Stifles Creativity”)
Recite bible memory verses, a poem or great speech
Science topic
Tell about your family
Tell about a favorite field trip
Fine arts – choose a piece of artwork and tell about it and the artist, how to play an instrument, favorite piece of music, composer, etc.
Share artwork you’ve created
Share a book or story you wrote
Tell a funny story
Tell about a person – someone interesting from history, your family, etc.

Here are some topic lists for further inspiration:

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