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Kovner tells a story of women who were returning from work and stopped by Germans who told them to turn around, but they sat down on the road and refused. Steiner, however, agrees with what Weissmandel did, and says that while a family could not have escaped in such a fashion, a single person could. Jews and quotes from witnesses at his trial. Street in Lodz, a cyclist, and the church. Words in Hebrew underneath the tablets.

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Though the German government did not provide the ICRC with addresses to send supplies to, they acquired such information from witnesses and other means. The pyres were up to seven meters tall. Dugin had no such certitude at the time. He went to Treblinka three times a week. The path leads to a guard tower. Lanzmann lights a cigarette.


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He explains some of his disagreements with the members of the first council and describes some of the ridiculous policies and disagreements that occurred. He talks about the speed of the gas vans. The camera zooms in on her, then out.