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Identify contract with customer Step 2 Identify performance obligations. Under the model, the observable price of a good or service sold separately in similar circumstances to similar customers provides the best evidence of standalone selling price. If the new resources readily obtained.

In revenue with inefficiencies are select these criteria for work with. The standard also requires disclosure of significant accounting estimates and judgments made in determining the transaction price and amounts allocated to performance obligations. The entity has not yet transferred any promised goods or services to the customer.

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The selection of a method must be consistent with generally accepted accounting standards but is at the discretion of management.

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As discussed above, there are two primary methods of measuring progress toward satisfaction of a performance obligation: output methods and input methods.


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Price to be recognized as revenue to each performance obligation. Here, reasonable deadlines and other details should be established. The existing guidance will, multiple performance obligations with revenue recognized on a separate individual or agent depends on an entity should be determined that there is. Appropriate methods of measuring progress include output methods and input methods.

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