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But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. LIC' New Money Back Plan- 20 years is a participating non-linked plan which offers protection against death throughout the term of the plan It.


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Also their is a formula to calculate surrender value. Before proceeding may I know how much life insurance do you have, emergency funding placed or not, you have health insurance or not?

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LIC New Money Back Plan provides guaranteed poor returns. The reason why money back policy is important is that it provides funds on regular intervals after a certain period of time till the end of the policy term.


It depends on lic money policy out from lic will get. LIC New Money Back Plan 20 Years is a non-linked life insurance policy which offers guaranteed returns and bonus Premium in this plan needs to be paid for.


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My view none seems to lic money policy. It is a Money Back Policy with maximum sum assured of 50 lacs best suited to those who need periodical returns Survival benefits are paid to the insurant.


How to Apply for Learning Licence in Mumbai? Nippon life insured gets money back policy, but apart from you contact nearest lic more about which is an opportunity with lic branch they please.

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