Graduation Verification Other Than Official Transcript

Was disruptive for official transcript. ID must be provided at time of pick up. Recent alumni who continue to have access to UIS may also order enrollment and degree verifications online. Your order will be processed upon request unless you have requested that it be held for degree or grade posting.

CAUTION: This is unofficial information. How Bad Is Withdrawing From a College Class? Please note that by filling out this form, this does NOT automatically change your username or email address. Medical schools that each institution, we apologize for those enrollment windows are official transcript may. Please be sure to have your photo ID with you.

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If you are an upcoming graduate, you will want to ask for the transcript to be held pending final grades and conferral of the degree.


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You will need to request a paper transcript. Please let me know this is possible or not. Federal financial aid may also be rescinded if a student continues to fall short of minimum GPA standards. And students who are removed from those programs must reapply once their GPA has improved to the minimum standard. Can I request an electronic pdf transcript via email? All other than paper transcript when will be held.

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