Interest Waiver Education Loan

Perhaps most crucially, normal monthly student loan repayments will not change, raising the question of what economic relief this offers in this time of economic difficulty for those with student loans. These two loans are serviced by ECSI, a third party servicer specifically for loans awarded to Purdue students. Substantial, universally applied student debt cancellation is essential and effective, and it is needed now.

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Refinancing allows you to combine one or more existing student loans into a single new loan with one monthly payment which can help you navigate successful student loan repayment much more conveniently. Some private lenders also are waiving late fees and will not file negative reports to consumer reporting agencies.


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Unsure which loans you have or if they qualify for the coronavirus student loan relief through the CARES Act? The loan to be sanctioned as per delegation of powers preferably by the Branch nearest to the place of domicile. However, unemployment deferment or economic hardship deferment are also options for federal student loans if you qualify.


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Interest on your loan will still accrue, and you can pay that interest during the forbearance period if you want. Interest is the cost of borrowing money, and is charged as a percentage of the outstanding balance of the loan.