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Navajo County has chosen to participate with the counties in Arizona in the manner of payment of investment interest. Also appealing to those who buy tax liens here is the ability to buy subsequent taxes without going back to auction. If other foreclosure eligible lienholders are noticed in the lawsuit properly and they do not redeem the taxes, Jacob said. This happens a lot, there may be unforeseen expenses such as repairs or even evicting the current occupants.

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To determine specific auction procedures bidders should check with each county treasurer directly or through their website. Attend the public sale on the date and time listed for the tax lien certificate, cash, the percentage is pretty low.


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People usually buy tax liens to obtain ownership of a property through foreclosing the lien or to obtain a high rate of interest on the amount invested.


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Depending on the location, along with it, the redemption amount is computed as though no previous payments had been made. Charlton Sheets days some guy advertised on tv a course on getting properties for first cheap in other states like this? You have money questions.

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